Corporate Etiquette Lessons
To meet the business demands in this global market etiquette skills must be fine tuned and practiced on a daily basis. This course may be structured around your corporate retreat, taught in your conference room or in a series of lessons at our office. Private lessons available.

• Rules of Introduction – How to introduce VIPs, elders and peers correctly, improve your handshake, eye contact
• First Impressions –Tying body language, wardrobe and social skills together
• Dining Skills – Continental vs. American, place settings
• Business Meals – Organizing a seamless and efficient dining experience
• Public Speaking – Address a crowd comfortably with less ums and uhs. Like, you know?
• Stationery - Correspondence cards, thank you notes, putting pen to paper
• Telephone Manners – Returning calls, cell phone etiquette
• Posture – Your mother was right: Stand up straight!
• Wardrobe – Flattering wardrobes for specific environments without compromising your style
• Respect for your Environment – Discarding trash in its place to behaviour for specific places
• Cocktail Party – How to shake hands and exchange business cards while holding your martini and crudité
• Wine – How to order for business meals, how to hold your glass and how to hold your liquor