Manners for Little Monsters

This program offers group etiquette classes for four students age four through twelve. To accommodate the attention spans of young children, these courses are held one hour a day over a five day period.

Students will learn the following lessons catered to their age group:

- Rules of Introduction – How to introduce VIPs, elders and peers correctly
-Dining Skills – Learn which bread plate is yours and what fork to use
-Public Speaking – Address a crowd comfortably with less ums and uhs. Like, you know?
-Thank You Notes – The lost art of letter writing
-Telephone Manners – How to ask for a friend, emergency instructions for children, cell phone etiquette
-Posture – Your mother was right: stand up straight!
-Wardrobe – Flattering wardrobes for specific environments without compromising your style
-Respect for your Environment – Discarding trash in its place to behaviour for specific places