Yes, please, and thank you
A genuine smile. Eye contact. A firm handshake. Three simple tools to make a first impression. Knowing how to conduct yourself in a variety of settings inspires confidence in one's self and those around you. A good impression and good manners will always be remembered and can open doors when experience and talent need to be built.

In an age of technological advances, the manner in which we communicate is evolving. Young people are raised interacting electronically rather than face to face with people and our planet. The opportunities to develop social skills are limited in this modern age. This lack of development will affect the success of young people as they grow into adults in school, community and the workplace.

In the corporate realm, etiquette skills are essential for day to day interaction and getting the deal done. Knowing how to command an audience, conduct oneself at a cocktail party or organize an efficient business lunch require mastering manners.

We offer group and private lessons in etiquette to expand one's proficiency and confidence in social graces, corporate business etiquette, customer service training, university interview skills and introduction to manners for students. We will build the confidence, social awareness and leadership skills of our clients through engaging, age-appropriate lessons. Etiquette may be steeped in tradition but ethics and standards are always relevant in every social setting, across borders or at the local general store.